Monday, June 29, 2009

SAKETOBA: Japanese redvines

Hi, it is NISHIO Hirokazu, today I'll write about a Japanese traditional food.

Do you know Red Vines or Twizzlers? I know it is a popular candy in US, however it is not popular in Japan. Most of Japanese don't like its liquorice flavor. They say "It smells strange! It is too chewy! What's this lengthy food! Is it food?"

Today I realized SAKETOBA is such in Japan. It is very chewy. And it is made from salmons! I don't feel it smells strange, but I can imagine a lot of foreign people feel it strange. SAKETOBA is a salmon jerky. SAKE means salmon (you may know SAKE means alcoholic drink. The word has different accent.) and TOBA means swarm in Ainu; an ethnic group indigenous to northern part of Japan (Hokkaido). It is nice tidbits to go with drink.
Ivanhoe said... "I can tell you about some snack food that feels strange for a foreigner : dried squids ! Chewy and salted, it is not bad, but the first time I was shown it I wondered if I was really supposed to eat it..."

Yes, I love dried squids too!

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