Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tweets on May 12 and 13

May 12

There are two kind of old man. One appreciates new good thing. The other rejects everything he is not familiar. I want to be the former.
A Japanese idiom, chicken head is better than cow butt. It means bring a leader is good even if it is a leader of small group.
But sometimes chicken heads appear how they are important. Really important person doesn't do those appears.
Desires to be a important person is a kind of drugs. It is useful but if it is abused, it harms a lot.
Anger is a poison. Avoid it to keep your mind healthy.
I just finished today's lesson. To tell the truth I am very sleepy now.

May 13

Oh I forgot to tweet today.
I almost break my promise to post at least once a day.
I'm sneezing. I may have a hay fever. I have to go a doctor to confirm it.
I'm sneezing and have itchy face. It is a symptom of Gramineae pollen allergy. If it goes bad, it may cause wheat allergy. That's terrible!
I'm going to visit England with my wife soon. My hotel doesn't offer wifi access.
My friends suggest to buy a SIM card but I'm not sure I have SIM lock free device.
I have an iPhone 5S, but it is locked and we can't change its SIM card.

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