Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tweets on May 5

May 5

long time no see. from today i'll tweet at least one per a day. it's my new challenge.

I changed my Twitter account on my iPhone from Japanese one to this English one.

My wife have set her iPhone's language preference to English. It may be good practice. I'll try it.

My councilor for English said I have to write English more frequently. I know. I wrote blog entries last year but I couldn't continue it.

I think the reasons are the cost to write and the lack of response. Mini blogs, such as Twitter, are nice tools to walk around the problems.

In English I can't tweet complex things. The word "Complexity" is 10 characters long in English, but 3 characters long in Japanese.

I should change my profile soon

In iPhone's twitter client I can easily switch two accounts. But I couldn't find similar option in PC version. I logged Japanese one off.

Unfortunately Twitter to Facebook integration won't work with multiple accounts. Should I use IFTTT instead?

I mixed up "councillor" and "counsellor". The former is a member of a council. The latter is a person who helps you solve problems.

My wife told me about "tangle teezer", a kind of hair blush. I thought it was "tumble teaser", it may tease tumbleweeds...

If I can forward the posts on this account to the Japanese account problems are solved...

I set an alarm at 22 o'clock to remember me I have to tweet in English.

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