Monday, May 11, 2015

Tweets on May 6

I followed several news accounts. They will give me topics to tweet. I hope it won't go bad about Hakone volcano.
To err is human. So human who have multiple twitter accounts definitely will post from incorrect account sooner or later.
It is the last day of five consequence holidays today.
I have new lessons tomorrow. So I have to review previous one now.
In previous lesson my instructor said I have to try to improvise more.
When I ask to describe pictures, I tend to say correct things. But as he said, I have to create new stories. It'll improve my skill faster.
I have a hey fever and my ears are sometimes irritating.
My instructor said I should mimic speaker on TED. To copy their voice tones and physical behaviors are the fastest path to be a good speaker
When I tweets in English, sentences have to really really short. Sometimes I try to write a correct sentence but it becomes too long.
It is a tough challenge to make sentences shorter and keep them grammatically correct. English is my second language.
My instructor taught me sarcasm. By using unusual voice tone, we can use words in opposite meanings.
Japanese tend to speak in flat tone. So sometimes it sounds like a sarcasm.
I watched #SHARLOCK season 1 to 3 with Japanese subtitles. I'll try to watch them again with English subtitles.

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