Monday, May 11, 2015

Tweets on May 8 to 11

May 8

I'm cutting papers printed 25 book covers a sheet. Now I just finished three hundreds covers.

May 9

Today I'm going to go a seminar for 'clean languages'.
It's Saturday in Japan. I gonna spend my weekends to go the seminar.
Today I learned "clean space" and I felt it is very useful tool for knowledge workers.
I think it can be combined easily with Japanese popular method to come up with new concept, KJ method.
"Clean space" is a method to facilitate new inspiration by moving places physically and see the issue and self from other viewpoints.
"KJ method" is a method to organize information by moving paper pieces physically and express relation between them nonverbally.
"Mind palace" is a method to remember things by putting information in virtual places and walking in them imaginary.
I think these three methods are related each other.
They can be combined and they help the others each others.

May 10

When we use the KJ method, observer is fixed and things are moved. When we use the Clean space, things are fixed and observer moves.

May 11

I just finished my presentation.

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